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Stop Tweeting. Start Engaging.

21 Feb

Twitter menuI don’t remember when I joined Twitter.  I don’t remember why, either.  I know my first account was @Nixie, which now enjoys a 1% Kred badge.  That lets me know that I was likely testing the network for a brand I was working with at the time.  If you Google my name (or my handle) I’m sure you will find abandoned profiles on MySpace, Bebo, and a host of other social networks.  You see, I was never comfortable recommending a brand join a social network until I knew how it worked and how we could succeed.  I know a lot of people who like the “jump on the bandwagon” approach to new technology, but since it was usually up to me to execute these ideas I wanted to know everything I could before offering it as part of my content strategy.

I fell in love with Twitter almost immediately.  It propelled me down the rabbit hole to learn about every form of social media that was available.  After a month I no longer cared if these networks could bring me unique visitors.  All I wanted was to be a part of them. Continue reading

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