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17 Things To Know Before You Join Twitter

28 Sep it seem like everyone is on Twitter?  As much as the media or your company’s social media manager would like you to believe, everyone in the world hasn’t yet embraced Twitter.  That doesn’t mean you get a pass – Twitter is growing at a phenomenal rate and there’s still a chance to make a splash.

  1. Add an icon. Once you upload an icon stick with it.  Twitter users ID tweets from the icon even more than a username.
  2. Personalize your background. You can have fun with this and change as often as you like.  Not a deal breaker if you use a default background but there’s always an opportunity to advertise your brand.  Don’t think you have a brand because this is a personal account? Well, you’re wrong because you’re always advertising your personal brand. 24/7/365.
  3. Fill out your bio. Whether it says your title @ work or something like “mom who loves ice cream.” If you don’t identify yourself, tweeps won’t follow you fearing you’re a spambot or marketer.
  4. Retweet. If you want to get followed back by a power user, retweet their content 3  – 4 times a week. They’ll start seeing your name and reward you with a follow.
  5. Say “Thank You.”  If someone RTs your link or suggests your account to follow, say thank you.  You can do this once a day or once a week.  Less is more in this case, but a thank you is greatly appreciated. Continue reading

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